[Internet Roundup] Is The Twerking Fire Fail Video Real Or Fake? [UPDATE: FAKE]

Author: Chip

Let’s face it, we are all tired of twerking, and Miley Cyrus made sure we REALLY didn’t want to see anyone twerk again. Ever.

But… if the ending of this video happened to everyone who twerked…we’d be back on board. A girl is going to town twerking in her living room, upside down against a door.

Everything is going well, until someone happens to walk through the door, toppling the girl onto a table. [Spoiler Alert: Things catch on fire]

But is it real or fake? Kevin thinks its legit, while Bean is pretty sure it was staged.

We’ve put your detective skills to work before on the validity of a Harlem Shake fail, and we are calling on you again.

We’re going to ask for your verdict…Real or Fake?

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UPDATE: Jimmy Kimmel had hapless twerker Caitlin Heller on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night, and revealed that the video was completely fake, fabricated by Kimmel, the evil genius himself.

“Caitlin” is actually local stunt woman Daphne Avalon, check out the video of the two coming clean:

Good job, listeners, it turns out that most of you were right!

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