Watch Moby’s ‘Perfect Life’ Featuring Wayne Coyne And Naked Roller-Skating Ghosts

What does “The Perfect Life” look like? Well, if you’re Moby and Wayne Coyne dressed as accordion-wielding mariachi players picking up friendly freaks while roaming the streets of Downtown Los Angeles, the perfect life is singing your new collaboration high atop a helipad surrounded by roller skating ghosts and topless women.

According Rolling Stone, the original casting call for Moby’s latest video sought “S&M gimp rhythmic gymnast,” “eight roller-skating ghosts,” “12 goth choir members,” “2 obese bearded bikers in red speedos,” “a punk rock brass brand” and “a drunk king: guy with beard age 35-50.”

Moby explained how surprisingly easy it was to get Coyne involved. He told RS, “I texted Wayne and said, ‘Hey, I have a song – want to sing on it?’ Thirty seconds later, he texted me back: ‘Yes, send it to me, it will be great.'”

In addition to the finished video, Moby released a teaser video featuring he and Coyne performing the song acoustically with the volunteer cast members sitting around watching, occasionally chiming in, all while the sun set on over their rooftop perch. “Please keep in mind we had no idea what we were doing,” Moby warned.

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