A-Trak Spins It Out At Drai’s Hollywood

A-Trak (Photo: JR Dominguez)

This past Sunday, amongst all the crazyness in Los Angeles that day, DMC champion and renowned DJ, A-Trak took the decks at Drai’s Hollywood. With a line wrapped around the block, the Vegas like club above The W Hotel, was a packed house with many attendees coming in fresh from Hard Summer Fest earlier that day.

A-Trak and Franki Chan (Photo: JR Dominguez)

A-Trak came out with his signature DJ swagger and played the jams along with some new surprises. One personal favorite was A-Trak’s rendition of Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky,” which made the made the crowd go wild! He played an excellent set to a crowd of hundreds, that made the set more intimate than seeing him in the festival circuit.

A-Trak (Photo: JR Dominguez)

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– JR Dominguez // KROQ-FM Los Angeles

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