Friends And Helpers Help Abused Women & Children Go Back To School

Hey peeps,

My wife and I run a charity for abused women and children called And we’d like to ask for your help!

I’m serious about almost nothing, but I’ve seen first hand what abuse does to the human soul through the work our foundation has done since 1992. It’s takes away hope, and robs the victims of the self-esteem they need to get back on their feet and move on. It can take a lifetime of therapy in some cases to get a little better each day.

Now it’s almost “Back to School” time. Mothers, who’ve left their abusive home with their kids, go to shelters to help with food, clothing, and job training. But it’s heartbreaking for them to NOT have school supplies so that their kids can hide all that ugliness and try to hold their heads high and just be “normal” like all the other kids.

Click here if you’d like to help or just for more information. Thanks!!


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