Scott Mosier Discusses His Documentary “A Band Called Death”

Author: Chip

Death may be the most important band that, before now, you’ve never heard of.

This once little-known punk band was formed in Detroit by 3 brothers, David, Dannis, and Bobby Hackney, in the early 1970s.

Not only are they significant in that they came years before the believed start of punk rock with The Ramones and Sex Pistols,  they were also a punk band of all African-Americans formed during the time when Motown was king.

The documentary “A Band Called Death” premiered at the LA Film Festival in 2012, and is now in limited release.

Producer Scott Mosier discussed the band’s booming popularity after 30 years of obscurity with Bean and Ralph.

At the time, Death was met with a lot of resistance.

“The name of the band didn’t help,” Mosier explained, “Three black dudes playing really hard rock and roll, called “Death”, in the early Seventies just didn’t fly.”

A Band Called Death

As a result, the band got discouraged and called it quits after recording only one 45, and the music sat in an attic for 30 years.

Now, one of those singles easily sells online for $800-1000. The band is “over the moon” about the re-discovery of their music; however, the feeling is somewhat bittersweet because band leader and driving force David is no longer alive to enjoy it with them.


“A Band Called Death” is available On Demand, and will be playing at the Cinefamily in LA for one week (The band will be playing LIVE after screenings tonight and tomorrow).

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