Time For Another Round Of “Thanks For That Tweet Bean”

Author: Chip

Most people on Earth use Twitter for good. It’s a great quick way to keep up on the latest from your favorite bands or celebrities.

Unfortunately, Bean has also discovered Twitter, and now he can infect your feed with 140 characters of information that you won’t care anything about.

You can follow Bean to get an unfiltered stream of consciousness from the guy, or you can sit back and enjoy his latest tweets that I have compiled into “Thanks For That Tweet Bean”.

96 degrees in Talkeetna, Alaska on Monday. 96. How’s that going?

— KROQ’s Bean (@clydetombaugh) June 20, 2013

I need today to be a cashew day. I’ve had too many Brazil nut days this week. Come on Saturday, let’s do this. — KROQ’s Bean (@clydetombaugh) June 15, 2013

Remember “Eminem?”

— KROQ’s Bean (@clydetombaugh) May 28, 2013

Songwriter Irving Berlin assigned all the royalties to his song “God Bless America” to the Girl Scouts, in perpetuity. #nowyouknow

— KROQ’s Bean (@clydetombaugh) May 27, 2013

Check out what everyone else on the show had to say about Bean’s Tweets:

Thanks for That Tweet Bean

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