Daft Punk Gets Pizza-Parodied In ‘Random Ass Memories’ Video

Daft Punk mania has reached the comedy circuit.

With the French dance music duo releasing a series of “Collaborators” videos featuring the likes of Pharrell Williams and Nile Rodgers leading up to the much-anticipated May 21 arrival of their new album, the reverential clips have been comically parodied by the “Funny or Die” collective.

“Daft Punk & Andrew the Pizza Guy” emulates the style and feel of the “Collaborators” videos, only instead of musicians waxing poetic about working with the dance robots, it’s a pizza delivery man talking about feeding them during the process.

“Every now and then, some people come along and make an album that will change the world forever,” states the pizza guy, played by actor Eugene Cordero in the clip subtitled “Random Ass Memories,” a play on Random Access Memories, the title of the forthcoming Daft Punk release. “Somebody needs to serve those people some pizza.”

The clip also features an appearance by Gary Richards, founder of the popular HARD festivals and events, as well as an artist, often performing as DJ Destructo.

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