Rubin Describes KROQ Winners’ Green Day On-Stage Announcement

Author: Rubin

Rubin and Green Day

Bringing a band on stage is a blast. You get backstage, a free bottle of water, some skittles, usually a contact high, and a cool backstage sticker that proves you didn’t hop the fence. Sometimes you even get to meet the band and that’s exactly what happened to KROQ contest winner Peter from Ontario. He called and called and called as we ran a contest to not only bring Green Day on stage at The LA Sports Arena, but to also get an autographed guitar AND to met Tre, Mike, and Billy Joe backstage. Peter won the contest. Not bad.

Peter from Ontario with Green Day

Oh yeah the show was AWESOME. Green Day live is over two hours of relentless fun: Billy Joe launched t-shirts and sprayed a good chunk of the pit with a fire hose. They pulled a kid from the pit to sing lead- and he picked up Billy Joe and spun him around a few times. Drummer Tre Cool switched instruments with Billy Joe. They took requests and the literally bowed to the audience before the encore, thanking them for showing up. Yeah- typical Green Day show. 🙂

– Rubin
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