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Embarrassing Celebrity Encounters: Magic Johnson, Dave Grohl, Michael C. Hall + More

When you live in Southern California, it’s pretty much a matter of “when” rather than “if” you’ll run into a celebrity.  When those awesome moments do happen, you just wish that you don’t make an ass of yourself.

Unfortunately, when your full of excitement and adrenaline, there’s a good chance you’ll do or say something stupid in front of someone you admire.

Kevin is of course a huge Lakers fan, and once ran into Magic Johnson. When he tried to talk to him, the only thing that could come out of Kevin’s mouth was “You’re… great.” Bean did try to console Kevin, saying Magic was probably used to that reaction, but Kevin is sure Magic thought he was a “slow person”.

We also recently talked to Kevin Smith, who filled us in on an embarrassing moment for him during an appearance on Jay Leno.  Backstage, he was being introduced to LL Cool J, and Kevin was frantically thinking of something to talk about.  With so much history behind LL, Smith decided to “reach way back” and say “Rock the Bells, sir.”

“He looked at me like I was the dumbest man in the world,” Kevin Smith said.

The Kevin & Bean listeners also had their fair share of embarrassing celebrity encounters:

Listener Jorge was at a museum, and happened to hear someone telling their kids to stop horsing around.  He turned around to see Dave Grohl standing there. Jorge froze, unable to say a word to Grohl, and was even wearing a Foo Fighters shirt at the time.

Listener Mallory was walking her dog in Long Beach, at a time ‘Dexter’ was filming.  She happened to run into Michael C. Hall, who complimented her about her dog.  Flustered, she replied, “Yes, you thank?,” which understandably caught Hall a little off guard.

Listener Morgan was riding a hotel elevator, and didn’t recognize Jack Black standing next to her right away.  When she did, all she could say to him was “nice shoes.”  Instantly embarrassed, she hit a button for the next floor just to make an escape.

Some responses from the Kevin & Bean Facebook Page:

Bobby Lozano: “Saw Zoe Saldana in the lobby of the Captain America world premier and told her I loved her in Rock-n-rolla, she just smiled and walked away than I realized she wasn’t the one that was in RocknRolla.. Oops”

Natalie Rae Chavez: “I waited four hours to meet AFI …finally got up to the band. Had so many good things to tell them.. When I got up to Davey I froze and just said “Hi”. He said, “Hi” and I had to move down the line.”

Whitney Simpson:“I ran in to Blake Griffin a couple years ago during the lockout. I didn’t know what to say so i told him he had played great the night before. In my failed attempt at a joke he stared at me in confusion. As i tried to explain that it was a joke because of the lockout he started laughing at me. I about died.”

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