Before Dillon Francis’ DJ Career Took Off He Was In “The Worst Band Ever Created”

Author: Stryker


After DJ/producer Dillon Francis and KROQ’s Stryker joked about wearing the same 80’s-inspired print shirt, the two discussed how it felt playing for thousands at Coachella. (Francis performed Friday in the newly enlarged Sahara tent)

“It was probably the most surreal moment of my life,” said the Los Angeles-born Francis. “I was raised in Los Angeles and I’ve been to Coachella like four times before I even started making music.” Suffering from a loss of words he admitted, “I still don’t know what to say. You know, it’s weird being on KROQ now just because I listened to this when I was growing up. I used to listen to Pennywise, blink-182 and all that stuff. It’s just so surreal right now,” he reiterated.

Asked why he didn’t choose to instead start a punk rock band, Francis joked “I tried. I made the worst surf-rock-a-billy music. We talked about zombies and we had another song about a dude named Johnny Thunderwing who was from hell. It was awful. It was the worst band ever created. We recorded it on Garage Band and we put the computer really far at the end of our garage (motioning with his hands), and we tried to sing as loud as possible to make it sound like it was on tape. It was just so bad.”

The conversation turned to Francis’ work ethic and his receiving a vitamin B12 shot in his butt.

Post Coachella, Francis said he’d be heading into the studio to work with Skrillex.

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