Daft Punk To Hold ‘Random’ Album Launch With Saw Competition & Dog High-Jump

Revered dance duo Daft Punk has been doing things their own inimitable way leading up to the May 21st release of their fourth studio album, Random Access Memories. From old-school billboards to TV commercials to a series of videos with the album’s collaborators, the band has ramped up their mysterious robot personas to KISS-like proportions.

Now it’s been announced that the album will be premiered at one of the least likely (and most random) locales imaginable: the 79th annual Wee Waa Show in the tiny town (pop. 2100) of Wee Waa, Australia, on May 17.

According to Australia’s Herald Sun, “Sony will start playing Random Access Memories from a purpose-built stage as the town gears up for the weekend-long show festivities” on the first night of the annual agricultural event, which starts on May 17 and runs through May 19. The paper goes on to say that party details are “top secret for now, with plans expected to attract international attention to the rural town.”

Daft Punk to launch album at Wee Waa Show. Don’t panic – Show secretary assures me it won’t interfere with livestock judging #priorities

— Hayley Sorensen (@HayleySorensen) April 9, 2013

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