New Politics Ready To Challenge Justin Timberlake In Dance-Off?

While there are precious few artists with the dance moves to challenge Justin Timberlake (Usher immediately comes to mind), New Politics frontman David Boyd is up to the task.

During an exclusive interview with, the band responsible for new hit single “Harlem” chowed down on In-N-Out Burger while Boyd revealed his not-so-secret past as a professional break-dancer.

“Dancing is also like my thing. I’ve traveled the world battling and I still have my crew and all that,” the Denmark native explained, referencing Natural Effects Crew, with whom he toured as a dancer previously to joining New Politics, winning multiple competitions.

When asked if he could take on Timberlake in a one-on-one dance-off, Boyd is confident he could give the “Suit and Tie” singer a run for the money.

“I would definitely beat him in some things. I know that for a fact,” Boyd said with a smile. “But I’m sure he would have some slick moves. I mean, he’s Justin Timberlake.”


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