Grouplove’s Ryan Rabin Calls Rubin On The KROQ Request Line, Talks New Album

This town rules.

Last year frontman Tim from Rise Against took a break from recording and headed into KROQ to talk with Stryker. Gaslight Anthem played a live acoustic set three feet from Nicole Alvarez. Last Friday night while filling in for Nicole, I played Grouplove‘s “Tongue Tied” and mentioned that Ryan Rabin (Grouplove’s drummer) grew up in LA, surfed and that KROQ loved the band. Ryan’s awesome mother heard all this and called him.

Ryan then called the KROQ request line and I picked up…

Ryan From Grouplove

“We’re up in the Hollywood Hills right now doing the next album, working on a new song right now and probably finish up the instrument tracking later tonight. I think we’re probably going to release something before summer, like April/May/June time depending on when it gets mixed and all that kind of stuff.”

“We’ll probably do exactly what we did last time which was plan to release it in the summer and then just get pushed back to the fall,” Rabin joked.

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