Claudio Sanchez: “I’m Not Sure I Could Ever Envision Coheed And Cambria Without A Concept”

Progressive rockers Coheed and Cambria are known for their elaborate science fiction concept albums, rife with equally complex musicianship behind the ongoing story known as The Amory Wars, which have been adapted into a popular comic book series written by the band’s frontman, Claudio Sanchez.

The most recent Coheed and Cambria full-length, The Aftermath: Decension (released on February 5 of this year) is the second part of a double-album that began with The Aftermath: Ascension, which came out in October of 2012.

In an exclusive interview with, Sanchez discussed his band’s penchant for sci-fi-saturated concepts, saying it’s the only way Coheed and Cambria knows how to operate.

“For me, (writing comic books) was a natural progression as a songwriter. I just had a hard time confessing myself in lyrics and letting people in,” he explained.

“I would always create these elaborate parallels that I could essentially hide behind. When I created Coheed, I wanted to create this story that would connect all of the records and act as parts,” the singer added in reference to The Amory Wars. “I’m not so sure I could ever envision Coheed without a concept tied to it. It’s become the natural process of the band.”

Sanchez recently teamed up with Incubus guitarist Mike Einziger to produce an “alternative version” of “Dark Side of Me,” the first single from The Aftermath: Decension.

Coheed and Cambria kick off a U.S. tour in in Washington, D.C., with two sold-out shows at the 9:30 Club on February 4 & 5 before hitting Detroit (Feb. 8), Chicago (Feb. 9) and Minneapolis (Feb. 10). See a full concert itinerary here.

-Scott T. Sterling, CBS Local

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