Incubus’ Mike Einziger On Producing New Coheed And Cambria Song, “Dark Side Of Me” – “It Came Out Great!”

Mike Einziger, lead guitarist for SoCal alt-rock heroes Incubus, has taken to his Souncloud page to unveil “Dark Side of Me,” a new song by prog-metal band Coheed and Cambria that he produced in his Malibu studio.

“Incubus just finished a long cycle of touring, and the word got around that I wanted to start producing other artists,” Einziger said to in an exclusive interview about the new song.

“Coheed & Cambria’s manager asked me if I’d be interested in working with the band. The collaboration came about in a really organic way,” Einziger explained. “Claudio (Sanchez), the singer of Coheed & Cambria, came out and stayed with me at my house in Malibu for a couple of days. We listened to a bunch of music and spent some time talking about it. He played me some of the music they’d been working on, and I picked out the song ‘Dark Side of Me,’ which the band and already written and recorded. I asked if we could do a different version of it. Almost like a remix, but an entirely different version of the song altogether, with new vocals. Claudio sang and played the guitar parts, and I did everything else. He gave me the freedom to do what I wanted with the song, and it came out great!”


The original version of “Dark Side of Me” will appear on The Aftermath: Descension, Coheed & Cambria’s seventh studio full-length set to come out on February 5. The record is the second half of the double-album opus that began with The Aftermath: Ascension, which was released in October of last year.  

-Scott T. Sterling, CBS Local

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