KROQ Exclusive: Listen To Johnny Marr “Upstarts” From Forthcoming Solo Album ‘The Messenger’

Johnny Marr, who’s previous work includes performing alongside Morrissey in The Smiths, as well as stints in Modest Mouse and The Cribs, has just released a new single “Upstarts” from his forthcoming solo album The Messenger.

“The underlying idea of the record is my experience of living in Britain,” Marr states. “When you’re away from your home city you’re more compelled to write about it. Growing up in the city influences you, and as I’ve grown older I’ve continued to see beauty, energy and stories in it.” Marr had previously resided in Portland, Oregon, only to return to the UK to write the new album, which was also produced at the legendary Abbey Road studios.

“The 12-song set captures Marr’s musical vision exactly as he imagined, featuring his signature guitar and vocals front and center on a sound which mixes elements of angular art rock, indie and rock n’ roll,” states a press release regarding the new album. “Upstarts” is just that. Take a listen to the new track below and hear for yourself.

The Messenger is set to be released February 26 via Sire/ADA Records.


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