Fun. Reflect On Six Grammy Nominations And Getting Hit Up By Ex-Girlfriends For Tickets

Author: Kat Corbett

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During an exclusive interview following their triumphant performance at this year’s KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas show, the members of breakout indie pop band fun. reflected on their enormously successful year, and the resulting fallout from being nominated for a whopping six GRAMMY awards, including Album of the Year for Some Nights.

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“It’s been a crazy year for us in general, so there have been so many people that text you or email you after something big,” surmised fun.’s lead singer, Nate Ruess regarding the response to the band’s nominations. “Like if we played David Letterman, someone might text us. This was the straight up woodworks for me, the amount of people that were coming out.

“I had lost my phone during the summer, so I had no idea who anybody was,” Ruess chuckled about his thoroughly modern problems. “I’d never used Google to search so many different area codes. I actually didn’t respond.”

Amidst the onslaught of old friends looking to get in touch with the now-successful band members were a few who employed more insidious means to get close to fun.

“My dad actually called Jack,” Ruess recalled, referring to the band’s guitarist Jack Antonoff, who was recently spotted canoodling with alleged girlfriend Lena Dunham, the writer and star of controversial HBO show, Girls.

“My middle school girlfriend wanted to get tickets to one of our shows,” Ruess continued. “My dad knew to bypass me, so he called Jack about getting tickets for (her).”

“It was the weirdest chain of command of all time,” Antonoff laughed. “It’s like weirder than things that happened in the Bush administration with Cheney, the fact that his dad called me to get his ex-girlfriend in the show.”

Ex-girlfriends, friends and fans alike will have ample opportunity to catch fun. live in the new, as the band has set a slew of tour dates including Detroit (Jan. 26), Boston (Feb. 1), Houston (Feb. 13) and Nashville (Feb 16) before embarking on jaunts through Japan, Australia, Malaysia and the UK well into the spring.

-Scott T. Sterling, CBS Local

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