Youngblood Hawke Interview – 23rd Annual Almost Acoustic Christmas

Author: Stryker

Even though they are Los Angeles locals, Youngblood Hawke hasn’t had the opportunity to come to a Weenie Roast or Almost Acoustic Christmas, and they were happy to finally have that chance last night.

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The band said that when they recorded “We Come Running,” it was in Simon Katz’s Echo Park house with no air-conditioner, recording in their boxers, and sweating.

“Over the summer,” elaborates Sam Martin, “we wrote all these songs that meant a lot to us and that was our only go to write songs to get these things off our chest. ‘We Come Running’ came out of it and it was a message to each of the band members like ‘Hey man, let’s make this happen. Let’s believe in ourselves.'” It’s so wonderful that people are responding to the message.”


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