Slightly Stoopid Interview – 23rd Annual Almost Acoustic Christmas

Author: Rubin

Rich Rubin got to sit down with Slightly Stoopid and discuss their eclectic, reggae-punk-dub-blues-every-musical-genre-ever groove with the veteran musicians from Ocean Beach, California which the radio host and the band bonded over. The band said that their show “was a good little roller coaster ride. Thirty minutes of nonstop stoopidness.” That “stoopidness” shines brightly on their new album and track “Top Of The World” which became an immediate radio hit on KROQ.

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“Honestly, it was cool just to collaborate in the studio together. My man Marshall Goodman dropped some nice turntables. Marshall’s been with the legendary Sublime and Long Beach Dub. It was cool. The songs just talking about life and reality and what’s going on around us and the people that you see and what they’re really made of and the world as you know it.”

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