The Gaslight Anthem Interview – 23rd Annual Almost Acoustic Christmas

Author: Stryker

If Gaslight Anthem had to give themselves a number out of ten last night when they performed at the 23rd Annual KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas, it would have to be a six because Ben is hungry and “would love a cheeseburger.” When Stryker suggests a salad, the Jersey boy punk rocker, Brian Fallon, scoffs and says, “Salad? No, I don’t live in Brooklyn,” alluding to the hipster-ish demographic of the area.

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Despite being from the East Coast, Fallon said that playing at Almost Acoustic Christmas is a big deal because “there’s no East Coast radio.” Fallon said that he’s going to “investigate this,” while Benny Horowitz said that, “it could be some deep-rooted psychological issue…Maybe we don’t like music anymore.” Fallon interjected, saying, “New York doesn’t have a station…Philly and Boston do. What’s up with that?”

The band continued to joke around with Stryker saying that he doesn’t have a face for radio because he’s too handsome, calling Howard Stern ugly and saying that Stryker has a face for television. “Hey, when we’re done, can I have your face?,” joked the equally as attractive Fallon. “I want your haircut too. Look at that. You have a perfect little beard and everything. It’s like, ‘I’m kind of unshaven, but I still look amazing.’ Look at this.”

Blushing from the flattery, Stryker said, “you know what I want to do for you right now. Get you a gift certificate for Fatburger.”

Their plans for the holidays? Go home and write a little bit with other bands. “I’m going to train for a nocathalon,” elaborated Fallon. “I’m going to train for eating pizza.” Thankfully he has “skills to pay the bills.”

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