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The members of Youngblood Hawke are fearless. Don’t believe us? Just watch their latest video.

The clip for “We Come Running,” off the band’s self-titled EP, mimics the song’s can-do attitude by forcing the band to face one of their biggest fears: sharks.

Before jumping into the ocean with the animals all five members of Youngblood Hawke–Sam Martin, Simon Katz, Nik Hughes, Tasso Smith and Alice Katz—had to train in a much smaller body of water.

“We’re all like, ‘It’s going to be some deep Olympic pool,’” Sam told CBS Local. “No, it’s the hotel pool and we’re like, ‘Are you serious? It’s four foot!”

But a few hours later the whole band was doing 50-foot dives in the Bahamas.

“No one had been diving before, except Alice,” Simon explained. “We dived that day and the next day we swam with sharks that were incredibly big.”

Big is an understatement. The band was swimming with tiger sharks, which are known to eat a person every now and again. In fact, this species is second only to great whites when it comes to shark attacks.

Before filming began, the band was given a few helpful hints to keep them from losing an arm or a leg.

“Don’t flail,” Alice said. “That was the biggest thing.”

“Basically, keep your hands close because they look like fish,” Simon explained.

They were also given a stick to help fend off any hungry sharks.

“Right before we got off the boat they said, ‘Take these,’” Sam said. “We’re like, ‘What is this, is this a beat stick?’ And they were literally like, ‘Yeah, incase it attacks you.’”

Luckily, no one in the band had to use their stick. Nik even described them as big dogs.

“They’ll just come up to you sniffing,” the drummer said. “They check you out, you just nudge them past.”

Simon agreed that they weren’t as scary as one might expect.

“There’s 20 or 30 of them circling you and they come real close and you know, it’s a very intimidating experience at first,” he said. “It kind of shows you that they’re not fierce, I’m-going-to-attack-you sort of animals. They’re very smart and they’re curious more than anything.”

Alice, who left her blonde hair down during the shoot, was the only one who had a close call.

“I decided to leave it out and it was just going everywhere,” she said. “The sharks loved it and they were just non-stop.”

If you pause the video at 3:15, you can even see one of the sharks swim straight for her head.

“I felt like the Matrix,” Alice explained as she simulated some of Neo’s signature moves. “But it was pretty amazing.”

Shannon Carlin, CBS Local


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