I Tip My Tea Cup To You – An Open Letter To My KROQ Family

Today I am ten years sober.

I understand that one of the major tenets of recovery is anonymity, but I threw my anonymity in all respects right out the door when I became a radio personality. I often struggle with the on-air candor of my disease because I don’t want to exploit or accidentally glorify addiction. I can reconcile by reminding myself that, especially through Loveline, I can be of help to those who also battle the disease of addiction. I don’t commonly reflect on my time in sobriety, but the decade mark has been an unexpectedly impacting one on me. My mind grew heavy, almost overwhelmed by memories of both the good and the bad since 2002. These unforeseen thoughts and feelings inspired me to write this letter. I write this which you are reading, not for self congratulations, but rather as an open thank you letter to my entire KROQ family. That family is comprised of two factions; my co-workers and the listeners.

My life in sobriety is without question better than my days of use. My life is undoubtedly harder though. Gone is my safe haven of drink, powder and pills. In its place is the KROQ staff and the greatest listeners in the world. I am certain that I couldn’t have risen this morning a sober man, without the undying support of all of you and I am eternally grateful. Through marriage, divorce, failure and success you were all there to comfort and support me, whether you knew it or not.

With Love,

Michael D. Catherwood


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