CBS Buys “Smells Like Teen Spirit” Sitcom From Big Bang Theory Writer

The working title for CBS’ new sitcom is sure to get the attention of many a 90’s rock fan. The title, taken from Nirvana’s game-changing 1991 smash, appears to encapsulate the show’s premise.

CBS executives purchased a pilot script for a sitcom tentatively titled Smells Like Teen Spirit. According to the Hollywood Reporter, the show “revolves around an 18-year-old budding entrepreneur who forgoes Harvard and instead opts to launch a multibillion-dollar Internet company from his garage with the assistance of his sister, best friend and his 1990s indie-rock parents.”

The project will be headed by Dave Goetsch, the brains behind CBS’ Emmy-nominated hit series The Big Bang Theory. Goetsch was also responsible for Grounded for Life and 3rd Rock From the Sun.

With a title that was originally conceived to stand against corporate America, it will be interesting to see if the title passes the Cobain estate’s approval process and grant its use to one of the biggest companies in entertianment.

— Jay Tilles, CBS Local

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