Local Surf Legend Guy Okazaki Serves Up The Stoke With Custom Surf Boards

Author: KROQ Promotions

The lazy summer days came and went, and for many it was an unexpectedly flat and disappointing surf season. Luckily, the fall season is off to a good start with a number of fun WNW swells hitting both North and South LA beaches. With the water still warm (temps are still in the upper 60’s) this is music to most surfers ears as many are finding it to be a crucial time to scratch their proverbial surf itch.

With colder weather right around the corner, Fall is a better time than ever to hit the surf. But even if you happen to be one of the unlucky few that is currently boardless, fear not – Guy Okazaki has the cure all for ailing surf enthusiasts.

Local Venice surf legend Guy Okazaki has been shaping boards for over 25 years, and one of the few shapers that still surfs all the time.  From Hawaiian roots to traveling as a youth through Australia and many parts of California, Guy has sharpened his skills and designs around board styles from all over the world.

Guy’s approach is surely unique. “It was always surfing FIRST-and that has changed, now it’s an oddity to see another shaper in the water-which speaks to a whole new culture.” The surf industry has become a billion-dollar-a-year industry, and fully integrated into the “corporate climate”. Guy’s business couldn’t be more opposite, which to many is a refreshing approach.

“I wish I had a plan, a business model…but I don’t (haha) it’s totally [an] old-school approach. I just get out there and surf, and the people I meet, I meet”. He is one of the rare few that still combines a down to earth, grassroots approach with innovative and cutting edge expertise (he shapes for an NSSA National winner).

Guy is truly an inspiration to the mantra “do what you love.” He’s made a following designing top notch custom boards to eager customers. Ask anyone in and around Venice and you can be sure that his custom built boards are built with the best craftsmanship, integrity and design. Above all, he brings constant enthusiasm to his business and is stoked to shape YOUR board.

Visit guyokazaki.com and set up an appointment to discuss your next custom built board with this local legend. Believe me, you won’t be disappointed.

– Jack Scott , KROQ-FM Los Angeles

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