What The ??? Pasadena School District Joins Fight Against Flamin’ Hot Cheetos

The Pasadena school district is the latest to join the fight against the delicious snack “Flamin’ Hot Cheetos,” which has been banned from being sold at schools in certain SoCal areas. While kids are still attempting to bring it to school, they risk having their go-to lunchtime snack being confiscated by school staff.

“I love Hot Cheetos. I mean, you never get tired of Hot Cheetos, even in the daytime or in the morning, you can eat them right when you wake up,” student Duan Haynes told CBS2′s Andrea Fujii. “They’re spicy and they’re always enjoyable.”

A few years back, our very own Psycho Mike hit the streets to find out more about this epidemic and slang these tasty treats to kids on their way home from school.

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