KROQ Roq N Beats: Online Guest Mix from COMA!

What up KROQ fans!…Got a new Roq N’ Beats Online Guest mix for you….this time around, its from producer, COMA!

Actually, this guest mix has been in the works for a while…things have that funny way of working out to be just the right timing.   This mix is one of the best I’ve heard this year…the part, it was made specifically for you guys…the KROQ fans…

Here’s a little back story on the homie…

“The most faithful and resolute of electronic music producers maintain the rare ability to mold a collective series of sounds into a definitive structure that not only captures the essence of a given genre, but the essence of the artist himself. Those who are brave enough to venture outside the studio and present their craft to the world via DJ session or Live PA, carry the burden of having to seduce a crowd with their raw charisma. The responsibility of the artist and the performer are not always symbiotic. Sometimes the characteristics of the artist outweigh the performer. Sometimes it is the other way around. Any way you cut it, artists like Los Angles based Dubstep producer Jacob Coma seem to amount to the sum of both these traits with the greatest of ease.

Coma is a rare specimen who has rhythm tattooed to the invisible surface of his conscience. From his days as a child banging on pots and pans while his mother worked in the kitchen to his prodigious introduction into electronic music as a Hip Hop DJ, it has always been abundantly clear that music is in his blood. But a deep, intrinsic love and understanding of music can only get an artist so far. They must be able to accept, analyze and embrace all forms of music with an unwavering sense of curiosity. Perhaps it is that very sense of curiosity that has allowed Coma to excel stylistically. His musical pallet is seemingly endless, with influences that revolve around a complex constellation of genres. From House to Reggae, Jazz to Drum and Bass, Hip Hop, Breakbeats and beyond, Coma has spent the better part of his life lapping it all up.”

This mix is the reason why I love this genre so much…creativity and no limits on style or the type of music used…Coma serves it up in an amazing way…

So KROQ fans….click the link and get the party started….

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See you on Saturday 10p-12a for another edition of ROQ N BEATS on 106.7FM!!!

-DJ Jeremiah Red

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