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Snoop Dogg: “Chompin Hot Pockets, That’s How You Get Ahizzead”

Much like fellow ‘90s Wes Coast rappers Ice Cube and Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg’s image has matured from hardened street “gangsta” to a much mellower and mainstream persona able to kick it with Martha Stewart and shill for major corporations like Chrysler and Pepsi.

Now Snoop Dogg has made the masterstroke. In an example of so-obvious-how-did-it-not-happen-sooner, the Long Beach rapper has teamed up with microwavable munchies manufacturers Hot Pockets to turn his 2004 hit “Drop It Like It’s Hot” into commercial jingle “Pocket Like It’s Hot.”

The admittedly hilarious music video features a dancing “Herbie Hot Pocket” in sunglasses and cape, Snoop cruising on a customized bike outfitted with a microwave oven, and boasts appearances from YouTube rapper Destorm Power, actor/comedian Andy Milonakis, WWE wrestler Brodus Clay and the requisite cadre of video vixens.

They lyrics for the reboot of Snoop’s song are inspired, to say the least:

Two, one, yep, three these Pockets are H O double T
Smokey temps hitting that three thirty three
If you can’t stand it this hot
Then you can’t chill with me
So bring your friends, we going on a wild ride
Herb Sauce tender meats heat yo insides
So don’t change the dizzle, turn it up a lizzle
Got some cheesy drizzle dripping on my shizzle
Waiting on the brizzle’s, the pizzle, the dizzle Gs, when da cheese hits your tongue it’ll scream “Fo Sizzle”

Snoop Dogg was recently in political news when he released a profane, snarky handwritten list on Instagram outlining why he’s not voting for Mitt Romney in this year’s presidential election (“4. He a ho”) and supporting Barak Obama (“2. He mad cool yo”).

–Scott T. Sterling, CBS Local


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