Darkwave duo She Wants Revenge emphasized in an interview with us that they were on an “indefinite hiatus” to work on solo projects; one of those endeavors could not be more timely—and relevant.

But to some, it may come as a shock since it’s so far removed from the rock music scene; “Adam 12” Bravin is a DJ hired by the President of the United States of America, Barack Obama.

Bravin gained that opportunity after a chance encounter with one of the President’s event coordinators for his campaign. The She Wants Revenge member was doing what he often does; DJ’ing at a Hollywood club.

“I thought she was full of it because having grown up in Los Angeles, I’d heard it all before. So, I took it with a grain of salt and a week later I was DJ’ing one of [Obama’s] birthday parties,” explained Bravin, explained in a later interview with Stryker. “He wasn’t there, but that secured me a position in a very short list of guys that play events for the President. And the next one I did he was at. I wasn’t scheduled to meet him, but I ended up meeting him, taking pictures with him. I had a few words with him and that kind of sealed the deal.”

From that, the world-renowned musician and DJ spun at the Democratic National Convention and a closing party where former President Bill Clinton gave him the thumbs up on one of his musical choices.

When asked how he picks the songs for his playlist, Bravin said, “I know what music Bill Clinton likes.” Saying humbly, that these sort of “gigs are just like any other gigs,”  Bravin still wanted to impress Clinton so he did research based on a playlist he had already seen.

“I just remember a Van Morrison song which is ‘Brown Eyed Girl’ and then I looked it up to see if I could find any record of the playlist on there,” explained Bravin, “And somewhere online I’d found something about his iPod and that was one of his favorite songs.”

He went on to say that it really doesn’t matter who you are playing for; it’s about reading the room. Whether it’s a Hollywood club or a party for the President, it “always comes down to playing Aretha Franklin, Stevie Wonder, or Marvin Gaye. It doesn’t matter where you are.  Kind of ‘60s and ‘70s soul music is the common denominator and, you know, throwing in some Chicago stuff for the president.”

Bravin gave some more examples of tunes the President likes to get down to like Al Green, Kanye West, Common, Lupe Fiasco, Cool Kids, Wilco, and Florence and the Machine whom President Obama “loves.”

“He has a pretty eclectic taste in music,” said Bravin of the Democratic incumbent.

When he threw on Clinton’s favorite songs, Bravin received an affirmation that it really does “pay off to do a little bit of research and know what you’re getting yourself into.”

“When he was done speaking he kind of stepped to the side to take pictures and sign autographs and stuff and I dropped it, I dropped the Van Morrison song–he stopped what he was doing and he looked across the room at me and he gave me the thumbs up.”

–Nadia Noir, KROQ Los Angeles

She Wants Revenge are playing their last two shows this Friday and Saturday, October 5th and October 6th, at the Roxy in West Hollywood. Get tickets here.


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