Jane’s Addiction’s Dave Navarro On Being Suspended By Meat Hooks: “I Can Shut My Brain Off Without Doing Tons Of Drugs”

Dave Navarro of Jane’s Addiction has always teetered on the borderline between brash and beautiful. Within the tatted, Khal Drago-esque exterior is a mysterious man with mystical leanings but libertine tastes–as can be attested by his public acceptance of erotic art and his previous history of substance abuse.

While currently sober from chemical intoxicants of the man-made variety, Navarro has experimented with the intense ritual of suspension. The guitarist confessed to Kevin & Bean that the “peaceful” practice of “basically piercing through the skin and then hanging” sends a blissful wash of feel-good chemicals over the suspendee.

“The endorphins in your body kind of kick in to a degree where the pain is manageable and really, the best way I can explain it is, that once suspended, your mind kind of becomes a still lake,” explained Navarro.” And it’s actually really a peaceful process and it’s one of the only ways that I’ve found that I can shut my brain off without doing tons of drugs.”

Inspired by two female suspension artists named Miss Crash and Samar that perform with Jane’s for their Theatre of the Escapists tour, Navarro  said that he’s just a novice at the art and that his initial attempt at suspension was just because he thought it was fascinating; he didn’t think there was going to be any “physical or spiritual payoff” to it.

With the help of master suspension artist Steve Truitt, Navarro started with four hooks and moved on to just two. While Miss Crash and Samar can suspend for extended periods of time at about fifty feet, Navarro said that he only does it for 10 to 15 minutes and a couple of feet off the ground.

When Bean equated the practice to torture, Navarro laughed, saying that it’s definitely an interesting subject, but that the practice of suspension means different things to different people. For some, there is a spiritual quality to it. Other people just like the rush of dealing with their fears.

And “some people find a real natural high,” said Navarro,” Because, let’s face it, your body is flipping out and shooting all kinds of endorphins everywhere. And you know, for the next week or so, you’re kind of in this weird, I don’t want to say spiritual, but kind of this peaceful mindset, which is pretty great.”

–Nadia Noir, KROQ Los Angeles

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