Stream Blaqk Audio’s New Album “Bright Black Heaven” In Its Entirety

Sure Davey Havok and Jade Puget are in AFI, but they’ve been touring together this summer as Blaqk Audio, their synth-based side project.

Bright Black Heaven, the duo’s long-awaiting second album hits stores today and for those unfamiliar with the duo’s more electronic influenced sound, the band has given us their just-released album to stream in its entirety.

“Generally, lyrically it’s similar to CexCells (the band’s first album) in that it’s very sexually charged,” Havok explained to KROQ’s Stryker. “It deals with sexual scenarios of different sorts… It’s rather hedonistic…”

“Blaqk Audio began out of love for electronica. Jade and I both have a long-standing love for different types of electronic-based music,” Havoc told Stryker during the conversation. “From synth-pop to big room to industrial. Jade programs everything, and I sing everything. That’s what we do.”

“The music that we create with Blaqk Audio inspires me in a completely different way than rock music does,” Havok continued. “I find that electronica is more escapist. I feel it takes you to a more euphoric place, typically, than what we’ve created otherwise. The lyrics compliment that general feeling in Blaqk Audio.”

Blaqk Audio’s second album, Bright Black Heaven, is now on sale everywhere via Superball Music/Big Death Records. They’ll wrap up their West Coast tour with three remaining dates:

— Jay Tilles, CBS Local

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