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By Chip

Bridget Nielsen claims to be a multiple abductee, and said it has happened countless times since she was 3.

If you check out her videos on Youtube, she goes into detail about how she has been taken multiple times to help create “hybrid children” (half human/half alien).

Is Bridget batsh*t crazy? Probably. But that doesn’t stop Kevin & Bean from wanting to talk to her. After talking to her on the phone last week, they invited her in-studio to share her story and take questions for “Ask An Alien Abductee”. (Did Omar make an intro? Ooooooh yeah!)

Bridget explained that harvesting eggs didn’t start when she was 3, they kind gathered kids for a “alien daycare” (Crazy.).  When she did get old enough for the aliens to “harvest” things, she said she “could feel it”, because the aliens wanted her to remember it (Yup, crazy).  She says being abducted also runs in her family, and she may be a hybrid child herself , and has had hybrid children herself (Waaaay crazy).

Some things we learned from Bridget:

– She tells guys shes dating up front that she’s been abducted, and calls it a “great elimination tool”. (I’m sure it works 100% of the time)

– The movie that portrays the aliens “most accurately”? E.T.

– She believes the aliens she’s been in contact with only have good intentions, mostly to learn.

– Bridget believes she is tracked by the aliens, and constantly monitored with an implant.

– Did we mention that she’s crazy? There’s that.

Check out her prediction of when aliens will show themselves to us:


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