Grouplove. If the name conjures up images of an orgy, that’s exactly right. An orgy of good vibes, bright colors, and uproarious happy-making indie rock. A few weeks ago, the colorful Los Angeles-based band played the Red Bull Sound Space at KROQ to a sweaty, sardine-packed audience, bouncing and twirling their way into the hearts of all.

On top of performing songs like “Tongue Tied,” “Itchin’ On A Photograph,” and “Colours,” Grouplove sat down with CBS Local to talk about their matching tattoos, what Ke$ha smells like (not as pungent as one might imagine), and how their group first fell into music love with each other.

All five Grouplove members have the same tattoo, “Group” in lettering designed by Hannah Hooper’s brother, and many of their fans are following suit with their own “Group” tattoos. Christian Zucconi said that Hooper suggested giving these fans “free shows for life,” but Hooper quipped that she’s reconsidering that decision given some of the “awkward places” these tattoos are located.

Sean Gadd had a “weird experience” where Grouplove was playing a festival and a girl took off her pants to show him a Group tattoo with a heart–right next to her ladyparts. Hooper had a more grotesque tale, telling of a lad with an infected version of the tatt.

“What about the dude in Redding? He pulled his pants down and he had an infected tattoo,” she said. “It was so infected and it was on his thigh. It was really intense. I wanted to be like, ‘That’s awesome!’ but I was like “Ohhh!’ It was gnarly.”

Not gnarly? The oft-lambasted Ke$ha who might look a hot, glittery mess, but according to Hooper actually smells like “cotton candy and Febreze.”

In the end, Zucconi said the group is “lucky to have…found each other” and that “it’s cool to meet people in an artistic arena where you start on a clean slate.”

“It’s really weird and surreal and I think new for all of us and it doesn’t happen that often,” concluded Zucconi. “So, we always remind each other of that, you know, and kind of keep it going.”

Grouplove’s album, Never Trust A Happy Song, is out now on Canvasback/Atlantic Records.


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