Almost Acoustic Christmas: Photos, recaps, interviews, and more!
By Nicole Alvarez

Here at KROQ, our passion is music. We live it, eat it, breath it, roll it, and smoke it. Okay, so maybe we don’t actually roll it up and smoke it, but I was just using that last part for dramatic effect.

Music is something we all have in common. For those of us that live here, we also share a mutual hatred of traffic on the (insert nightmare freeway here), and a somewhat savage passion for In-N-Out burgers, (vegans not included).

There aren’t enough hours in the day to cover the overabundance of music that is out there, so we do are very best to find it and somehow get it to you. We play all the songs you love singing your guts out to, all the songs that are buzzing in the distance, and all the songs that you have invested so many rad memories in.

We have Locals Only with Kat Corbett, Jonesy’s Jukebox, Rodney on the Roq, and now we have Kroq ’n Beats with DJ Jeremiah Red. It is safe to say we are trying our very best to cover all the bases and might I say, we are doing a damn good job.

Your only job as a listener is to tune in with an open mind and if need be, go ahead and voice your opinions. We will listen.

I used to only love straight up rock music, the kind of rock music that scared my parents into thinking that I was better off in an institution. I liked only the angry, the loud, and the highly offensive. If it sounded like “music to punch someone in the face to”, I was all about it.

The only difference is that now, my mind is open to all sorts of sounds that I never imagined myself enjoying. It pays to stop and smell the music, all music.

I still go balls to the wall, but now I appreciate the fact that music can be and should be different for all occasions. If you stick to just one kind, you are simply cheating yourself of thousands of incredible and memorable moments.

So, I want to start posting some music I am currently flirting with, for your consideration.  There is a little bit of everything.

Through this blog, we can listen to music together and either love it or hate, but we will discuss it and who knows, your new favorite song could be in here somewhere.

So this is some newer music that I, Nicole Alvarez, am digging for one reason or another.

I mean, the pairing of these two alone should intrigue you enough to listen. I dig it:

These two put on one hell of a fun live show. They just get it and they curse like dirty sailors, so there’s that:

There’s just something about this one that I can’t get enough of, I believe it has something to do with the lyrics:

“I’ve made some bad decisions, I’ll admit that freely
Its just that life tastes sweeter when it’s wrapped in debauchery
So drop your map, drop your plans, drop your five step program
Because there’s not an ounce of faith in this leap”

I am not one to frequent EDC, but I can appreciate a dance tune when it crawls under my skin and makes it nearly impossible for me to want to move. Where’s my glow stick?

Everyone pretty much fell in love with this song from the get go. It just feels good. Like Stewie Griffin would say, “it feels right Brian, it feels right.”

Of the bunch, this is definitely my favorite. It is, for lack of a better word, haunting. They sound like tormented, lovelorn spirits in this song and I want nothing more than to hear this 100 times a day:

I can’t say enough about this wonderful 3 piece band. Currently, their album is on major rotation in my car and when I saw them perform live, my heart literally skipped a beat. You know them because of “Ho Hey”, I adore them because of ‘Stubborn Love” aaaaaaaand they know how to rock suspenders:

  • “Love Will Save Your Soul” – Grouplove

To know them is to love them and that I do:

It’s the Gaslight Anthem and that is all there is to it:

Out of all the songs on the new Hot Chip album, this is the one. It’s the most interesting and it’s got the most layers, in my opinion:

So there, try some of these on for size and send me new stuff you love.

  • If you don’t like something, it’s cool. We are all very different people. This is not a place to bash, it is a place to discuss and celebrate music. Got it?


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