Time For Another Round Of “Thanks For That Tweet Bean”

Author: Chip

Twitter is a great way to keep tabs on the latest news from your favorite actors, musicians, and comedians.  Unfortunately, you also get people like Bean who use Twitter for evil, and infect your feed with badness.

Every job has its hazards, mine is to follow and collect Bean’s tweets.  I take the worst of them and compile them for “Thanks For That Tweet Bean”.

Thanks for That Tweet Bean

…Now I need a drink.

To everyone mocking my Queen tonight, go on. I love her enough for both of us. Wonder if she sings it, “God Save The Me” though.

— KROQ’s Bean (@clydetombaugh) July 28, 2012

More patented Bean “comedy”:

That guy in the news this week with the world’s largest penis just seems cocky to me.

— KROQ’s Bean (@clydetombaugh) July 17, 2012

This was tweeted only HOURS after the last “Thanks For That Tweet Bean”:

Do you think Suri ever uses Siri because I think that would just be confusing to them both.

— KROQ’s Bean (@clydetombaugh) July 9, 2012

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