Rubin Checks In With Tom Morello At ‘Orchid’ Comic Preview Event

Author: Rubin

Rage Against The Machine, Audioslave & Rolling Stone Magazine’s 26th greatest guitarist of all time Tom Morello –  A.K.A. The Night Watchman, political activist, former exotic dancer (“Brick House” by The Commodores was my song”)…you heard me, Harvard graduate…oh yeah and comic book nerd.

At this point it seems as if there’s nothing Tom Morello doesn’t have his ridiculously talented hands in – so tack on comic book writer of ORCHID. Issue #1 came out November 2011 & promptly sold out at comic book stores across the country.

(Photo: Gabriel Olsen)

* Had the idea 4 years ago & with the help of My Chemical Romance front man Gerard Way (a fellow comic book nerd & graphic designer), who referred Tom to Dark Horse Books Publishing.

* Quote from book signing at Barnes & Noble at The Grove: “When it comes to comic books, I’m into escapism. I’m a fan of The Hulk & Thor.” Tom combines his world view with this theme in Orchid.

* The theme of Orchid is “Unrelenting Poverty” the story of a teenage prostitute & what she does to survive.

* Tom is the only writer, his words & concept

* Writes they way he shreds: “throw out the rule book approach”

* Each comic comes with a code to access an original Nightwatchman song that is written for that issue!

* Pre-order Orchid #10 (out October 10th) here and check out the full Orchid series here.

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