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K&B Podcast Thursday July 19th: Seth Green, Traffic Defender Lee Rittenburg, Dr. Drew And More

On today’s Kevin & Bean show: LA Times TV Critic Mary McNamara recaps the Emmys nominations, an all new Internet Roundup and listener e-mails.

We also spoke with Attorney Lee Rittenburg from Traffic Defenders, spoke with listeners who are Pen pals with prisoners, Dr. Drew, Emmy nominated Seth Green and more.

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One Comment

  1. krakenbownz says:

    how do i download this podcast? without using itunes

  2. themiddlefinger says:

    Really do you even give a sh*t about your podcast listeners I even went through the trouble of turning my wife onto the show since your like 1 week away from getting fired or retiering you dont care that we cant download the direct link F*** Itunes and apple get your incompetent staff to figure this problem out or im done…….. but im sure you dont care

    1. Jay "Lightning" Tilles says:

      Why do you you think we don’t care? The system is brand new and doesn’t operate the way it did before. It’s a new system that works differently. And, we’re also just getting used to it too. If you have Firefox you can download the file just like you did before. Here are your instructions. Firefox: Chrome:

  3. Rodney says:

    Yeah, a link to an MPG file would be cool as this dam thing keeps cutting out. I can’t listen to it, which is really not that great a lose, just sayin’.

    1. Jay "Lightning" Tilles says:

      You can download it and avoid the page refreshing. Dave is Tweeting a link that will explain how to save it.

  4. Jradodson says:

    Agree with Krakenbownz

  5. G says:

    This is so stupid, I want to download this on my phone without F-ing itunes….what was so wrong with the previous format? I also don’t have Firefox or chrome on my phone, why not have a link for the mp3 file??? I’m blaming this on Beermug!! F-ck you!!!!!!!

    1. Jay "Lightning" Tilles says:

      Take a deep breath… it’ll be OK. We’re working on a solution. We didn’t come up with this nifty new site. It was given to us. So, we’re sorting through the bugs.

  6. Darren says:

    THIS BLOWS! I’m at work and don’t have iTunes, Firefox or Google Chrome….just plain old windows.

    1. Jay "Lightning" Tilles says:

      What? Download Firefox. It’s free and you should be using it anyway. 90% of all IT departments support and/or endorse it.

  7. ZM says:

    Where is the internet round up dude?

    1. Jay "Lightning" Tilles says:

      Was all Dark Knight related. We were asked to pull it down.

  8. krakenbownz says:

    the firefox link goes to some link then it dead ends. Ive listened to your show for 10 years now and hope to listen more, i just wish i could download to a usb flash drive so i can use it in my car instead of headphones.

  9. RalphG says:

    Worst website EVER!!!!! Where is the internet roundup??!?!?! So f’ing annoyed!!!

    1. Jay "Lightning" Tilles says:

      We received a request to remove the Roundup as it was all Dark Knight-related. We complied.

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