Internet Roundup 7/11/12: Man Converses With His 12 Year Old Self, Little Girl Cries Over Steve Nash Trade, A Streaker Vs. Police, SPF With Nina Dobrev + More

Author: Dave The King Of Mexico

On this edition of the Internet Roundup: Man converses with his 12 year old self, the ultimate fireworks fail compilation, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter sequels, a little girl cries over the Steve Nash trade, a streaker takes on the police, SPF with Nina Dobrev, having a summah with Zooey Deschannel and more.

Man Cleverly Converses With His 12 Year Old Self

Description: This is awesome.

The Ultimate Fireworks Fail Compilation

Description: The Ultimate Fireworks Fail Compilation

Can’t Wait For The Movies: Spider-Man

Description: Can’t Wait For The Movies gives you a sneak peek at The Amazing Spiderman before it comes out, even though it’s been out before several times.

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter Sequels

Description: Based on the amazing success of Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, the studio behind the film has already prepared a long list of sequels coming to a theater near you.

Thunder, Lightning send Rangers & Twins Scattering

Description: An unexpected thunder clap sends players and umpires running for cover during the fourth inning in Texas.

Little Girl Cries Over Steve Nash Trade

Description: A little girl is upset over Steve Nash’s trade to the Lakers.

Streaker Vs. Police

Description: All Dave wanted to do was go streaking in downtown Indianapolis. But then the police showed up and everything had to get all physical.

SPF With Nina Dobrez

Description: Nina Dobrev and Nick Braun’s summer jam gets you all lathered up with some lotion music.

Kiss My A$$ With Denis Leary

Description: Denis Leary’s newest song ‘Kiss My Ass’

Havin’ A Summah W/Zooey Deschanel

Description: It’s going to be hot out there this summah and be on the lookout for everyone else Havin a Summah.

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