Kevin’s Charity: “Friends And Helpers” Needs Your Help For Back To School

Author: Kevin

There is a downside to the fact that the economy is robust and healthy again, and that’s that we all have piles of extra cash laying around, gumming up our lives. Plus ALL OTHER charities have solved the issues their concerned with, so they don’t need your money. So what should you do?

Funny you should ask. My wife and I, and by that I mean my wife, runs a charity called It’s a way for you to directly help victims of physical and mental abuse, who’ve had to run away from home, literally, with nothing but the clothes on their backs. So this fall, when school comes around again, they don’t have any money for school supplies, and they have to try and explain why, which can be super embarrassing and a topic a kid should NEVER have to talk about.

We have amazing volunteers, and we cover all costs, so every penny you spend goes directly to a child who needs it. Please click on this link: to find out more and to donate. Thanks in advance for everyone who can help!


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