With his shaggy coif and skin-tight jeans that harken back to the days of sexy, ’60s rock ‘n roll, Sergio Pizzorno from Kasabian seems straight out of a psychedelic Stones-era fantasy–both Rolling Stones and Stone Roses. These rock groups were renowned for their marathon sprees of hedonism, but Pizzorno–while he looks the part–hasn’t become a derivative cliché.

An avid soccer player, the songwriter and guitarist seemed the picture of health as he effortlessly lobbed a soccer ball into a goal from the left wing and past the head of world-renowned former England goalkeeper David Seaman for the annual Soccer Aid match last month. The goal has been immortalized at Youtube and includes a victory hug from comedian Will Ferrell to the musician; Pizzorno called him a “nice chap,” “very funny,” and a “proper gentleman” in an exclusive interview with KROQ/Los Angeles.

When asked about the psychology behind making that goal, Pizzorno was humble, saying that his goal was “all mental” and something that he always wanted to do since he was a kid.  He credited the rigorous training too, saying they trained the celebrities–including others like Ed Norton and Gordon Ramsey–for about a week in a fashion similar to the FA Cup which is “like a cup down in England,” explained Pizzorno.

“You go to a hotel. You train every morning. You have dinner,” said Pizzorno. “It’s nice to meet people who are obviously supremely talented, but also good people as well. It’s nice.” Together, these “supremely talented” and “good people” raised about “4 million quid.”

When Pizzorno is not training for charitable soccer games, he’s doing his paces in an all together different manner–on the stage. While he said that “as soon as you join a rock ‘n roll band any sports issues are thrown out the window,” Kasabian is infamous for their vigorous live shows.  They’ve been given Best Live Act nods by the Brit Awards and NME, winning Best Act In The World Today by Q Magazine.

The band has toured relentlessly this year throughout the world to support 2011’s critically acclaimed Velociraptor! and had the chance to show off their live show swagger including two dates at the Coachella Valley Arts and Music Festival–which Pizzorno called the “best two gigs” that Kasabian “ever played in America.”

“The crowd was unbelievable. Something definitely happened,” reminisced Pizzorno. “I don’t know what yet, but something definitely did happen over those weekends.”

Something definitely did happen. The second weekend, which was the last show on their tour, was near-riot level with Kasabian’s roadies throwing out hundreds of rainbow-colored light sabers to the animated audience. Pizzorno said that the way Kasabian prepares for those high-octane shows is simple: It’s about “appreciating people who are there to have a good night.”

“People work hard to get those tickets to come and see a band play whether it’s a festival or a gig. It’s wanting to just have a great show and wanting people to just be inspired by what they see,” said Pizzorno. “We’ve always started the party before we went onstage and carried it on. All the people I’ve always been inspired by sing every line of their music like they mean it. We believe in what we’re doing and we’re passionate about it.”

Pizzorno said they help get the party started by listening to “really bad but amazing drinking songs” on the tour bus, including stuff like “Come On Eileen” by Dexy’s Midnight Runners. He’s also inspired by another party making band who was also the first band he’s ever seen–Oasis.

“That certainly changed everything, really. That’s what I wanted to do, that’s what I wanted to be.”

–Nadia Noir, CBS Radio Los Angeles


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