Jimmy Kimmel Live Goes Prime Time To Cover The NBA Finals

The NBA Finals are in full swing, with the Heat currently in the lead over the Thunder 2-1.

No one else is better suited to follow the Finals than Jimmy Kimmel. Throughout the Finals, Jimmy Kimmel Live has had post-game specials after the games, and with the help of friends like Guillermo and Mike Tyson, has had a great time wreaking havoc on players, and our eardrums.

Check out Guillermo’s in-depth interviews (that could even put Beer Mug’s to shame), and Mike Tyson’s heartfelt tributes to Oklahoma City’s Kevin Durant and Miami’s LeBron James.

Guillermo at NBA Media Day

Mike Tyson Performs “Kevin Durant”

Mike Tyson Performs “LeBron James”

Catch Jimmy’s next Game Night Prime Special After Game 4, Tuesday night on ABC.

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