In what could be one of the best album tease videos ever, the three British lads from Muse take just one short minute to suck us in with their ominous anthem-style choir and layered images of fossil-fueled wars and an unsustainable future. Passing the one-minute mark, tension mounts as the choir thickens. Visions of war are flashed on a old-school television. At height of the tension, the TV pulls away revealing it’s actually a robot. “Unsustained, unsustained!” sounds the robot.

In the trailer for their sixth studio album, titled The 2nd Law, Muse chooses to rile up fans by infusing a heavy dubstep beat toward the end of the video. This has fans up in arms, many of which accuse the group of trying to “popularize themselves after seeing the success of artists like Skrillex” by jumping on the dubstep bandwagon.

Other fans are quick to jump to the band’s defense siting that Muse has always been progressive, changing their sound from album to album.

Will the band actually embrace the dubstep-style beats or is this merely a one-off for the trailer? With an album now set to drop in September, the hype and debate will likely increase.

Comments (6)
  1. People who only listen to the radio singles have a legitimate claim to think this progressive dubstep stuff is out of character. People who actually buy the albums know that MUSE is eccletic and has made songs with a similar sound.

  2. Rosa says:

    The dubstep is just Matt, Dom, and Chris having their fun with the trailer. Besides, I highly doubt the boys will make a purely dubstep album. They have too much fun rocking out with real instruments. Cant wait for September!

  3. cmo says:

    Muse will astound us all once again with their genius new album!!!!!
    I do believe the dubstep is more tongue in cheek then an actual direction of the music.
    Skrillex is Cory Feldmans illegitimate brother.

  4. Matt says:

    That is absolutely f**king incredible.

  5. Corey says:

    I personally support this decision of theirs. i could see this band using that kind of sound, and its fascinating to me to see artists progress with music and experiment with awesome shit likes this. the dubstep sounded pretty sick at the end too, so they have me excited!! and no i’m not just some total wake n bass dubstep head. i’m on kroq for a reason, guys. alt rock ❤

  6. Ife Oshun says:

    I can’t f***ing wait to ingest their latest brilliance. Thank you KROQ for turning me on to this band almost 10 years ago when the US gave them no f**ing love whatsoever!

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