Jack White Reveals He Hid 100 Transparent 7″ Records Inside Furniture

Author: Stryker

In an interview a few hours before his Wiltern performance in Los Angeles, Jack White revealed what could lead to national scavenger hunt. Speaking with KROQ’s Stryker, White, promoting his debut solo effort titled Blunderbuss, spoke about his early days in Detroit as an upholsterer’s apprentice.

At 15 years old, White began working for a family friend, Brian Muldoon, whom he credits for exposing him to punk rock. The two later formed a band called The Upholsterers and recorded an album aptly titled Makers of High Grade Suites. The two worlds of upholstery and music collided when the duo decided to print and hide records inside the furniture they so carefully covered in cloth.

Stryker asked White to reveal what he hid.

“I used to write in them,” White begins. “I used to believe that upholsterers should leave messages for each other because we’re the only ones that see the inside of furniture. I was always shocked. I worked at a shop with five other guys and I said ‘why don’t we write messages to each other?'” White makes a groaning noise to describe his coworkers’ disgust with the idea. “So I started writing messages. First I would write jokes or talk about the client who was a jerk who owned this chair. Then I started writing poetry and started getting more elaborate. By that time Brian Muldoon had his 25th anniversary so he wanted to do something special. We had a band called The Upholsterers so we released a 7″. We made 100 copies of a 7″ on clear vinyl with transparency sleeve so you couldn’t even see it if you x-rayed it. We left those in a hundred pieces of furniture that he upholstered that year… to one day be found, or maybe never be found.”

According to White, the artwork is interesting because it was printed on clear plastic, and his name is indeed printed on the record.

A source close to White says that none of the 100 records have been found.

Listen to Stryker’s interview with Jack White below.

Jack White’s debut solo album, Blunderbuss is available now on Third Man Records.

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