Rubin Reviews Bobcat Goldthwait’s New Movie ‘God Bless America’

Some are calling Bobcat Goldthwait’s new film “God Bless America” a modern day “Bonnie & Clyde” and Bobcat agrees…sort of.

This flick is as dark as it gets: robbery, violence, cancer, revenge and death…And I promise you’ll laugh your ass off through the whole thing.

[pullquote quote=”It’s about a guy who gets a tumor and he’s suicidal but it gets funnier!” credit=”Bobcat Goldthwait”]Diagnosed with a deadly tumor, Frank (Joel Murray) is about to committ suicide while watching a reality show similar to “My Super Sweet 16.” It moves him to such disgust that he drives hundreds of miles to kill the “star” of the show; a pain in the ass, spoiled, ignorant, mean little bitch with stupid parents. Sounds horrible right? Again I PROMISE you you’ll laugh your ass off if only because you probably wanted to do the same thing. OK so maybe not literally but admit it, you’ve thought about it.

All types of people will relate to this film as the inundation of praising the rude and ignorant (pretty much ALL reality TV and many opinionated “news” shows) has reached a fever pitch. “God Bless America” poses the question “what would you do if you had nothing to lose?” It also asks “where are we, who are we and where are we going?” Deep huh? Not really. That’s what most of Bobcat’s movies aim to do. Don’t believe me? Check out “Father Of The Year” starring Robin Williams. Oh and also watch “Shakes The Clown” (but not for any serious message…it’s just fun to watch alcoholic clowns lose their minds :))

“God Bless America” is now in theaters.

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