Against Me!’s Tom Gabel Sparks Intense Debate On Sex Change, Dr. Drew “It’s Strange How People Become So Attacking.”

As previously reported, punk rock front man, Tom Gabel from Florida’s Against Me! recently divulged that he will soon begin his transformation from man to woman. According to Rolling Stone, Gabel has struggled with gender dysphoria for years, and will finally begin the process of transition, by taking hormones and undergoing electrolysis treatments.

Gabel’s announcement has resulted in intense debate both online and on-air.

This KROQ morning duo Kevin & Bean, opened up the phone lines to get listeners’ thoughts followed by a call to Dr. Drew, co-host of Loveline and his own program on HLN, for a physician’s opinion on the rocky road that lies in front of Gabel.

“It’s a very complicated topic, that I’m not an expert in it, but I have come across it quite a bit,” starts Drew. “It’s hard to get your head around.”

“The male to female transgenders/transsexuals are often becoming females to become lesbian.” Drew jokes about having to get out a blackboard in order to diagram it. “So, wait a minute, you’re cutting off the penis off and you’re with women now and you cut your penis off so you can be with women…” “Lesbian is a certain construct of the human being and if that’s what you’re attracted to, you’re only going to be with a lesbian if you’re a female.”

Dr. Drew goes on to explain what the transition entails. “It’s a very lengthy process and it’s easier to go male to female than female to male. The male to female [surgery], that’s been pretty well perfected. Some will say that they’re so satisfied with the surgical transition that they really can’t tell that it’s not female.”

Gabel is married with a two-year old child, and the couple plans to stay together to which Drew weighs in with, “That’s good, that’s nice for the kid but let’s be fair, the kid’s gonna… whoa, that’s gonna be hard… got some explaining to do.”

Bean inquires, “Are they always happier after they have the surgery or do they still have demons because of this gender dysphoria?”

“Not typically, but often,” says Drew, “have a lot of serious ongoing mental health issues. And some are very happy. Some do make the transition and are really grateful they did it and are happy. Often they’re aware of this dysphoria about their gender early on. They’ll say, ‘when I was four or five I was aware of this but just couldn’t’ do anything about it.'”

Bean addresses the hundreds of hateful comments were posted to yesterday’s story about Gable, “You cannot believe how they’re doing nothing but calling him a freak show. Why do people have such a visceral reaction against somebody making a change like this for their own well being?”

“We live in a country where you’re supposed to be egalitarian and letting people live their own lives,” continues Drew, “yet when people do anything that’s the least bit alternative it’s strange how people become attacking.”


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