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Rather than presenting a question that’s been asked of Carney a billion times, KROQ’s Stryker opted to play the same The Newlywed Game that he played with Dan Auerbach last weekend. The goal was to guess what their band mate’s answer was.

He posed the question: “If you could have any housekeeper, would you take Alice from Brady Bunch, Mrs. Garrett from The Facts of Life or Mr. Belvedere?” Carney was quick with his answer, “If Dan didn’t say Mr. Belvedere then he’s wrong.

Stryker holds up a piece of paper with a hand-written Mr. Belvedere. “Amused, Carney points out “I didn’t like Alice’s attitude.” “She acted like a third parent,” adds Stryker.

The Keys apparently share more than just their taste in music: Bad ’80s sitcoms. Carney decidedly goes even deeper, “I would actually go with the housekeeper/butler from Soap.”

Realizing the reference just went over the crowd’s head, he changes topic. “So, you played last Friday night at Coachella, did you do anything exciting or fun this week?”

“I’ve been on vacation all week. My birthday was Sunday and  we had a party at this house. It was not that big but the cops came and told me to turn down the music at eleven o’clock which I did. I happily turned it down.”

“There’s all these gated communities in Palm Springs and we were in one of them and the real estate salesman showed up the next day and accused me of having a hundred people at the house and streaking and drugs and that we busted the gate down and… I wish that happened but there were only about eight people.”

Patrick’s asked how it feels to have his career on a steady upward climb, playing larger and larger venues like Los Angeles’ Staples Center.

“It’s surreal to be where we are now… ten years after starting the band. Yeah, it’s weird, a little bit scary sometimes. It’s cool that there’s so many people into our music right now… it’s a little bit terrifying. We’re used to there not being that many people into us and we were happy with that.”

The Black Keys album El Camino on Nonesuch Records is now available via iTunes.

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