Almost Acoustic Christmas: Photos, recaps, interviews, and more!

It’s turned into something of an 80’s week here on the flashback thing (a whopping ten years prior to the 90s!) but next week we’ll dig deep into the 90’s vaults. Or will we?!? (DRAMATIC CHIPMUNK!).

Most every single song I’ve posted here (except the new ones) I’ve played at one time or another on The Roq, but today’s is a glaring exception.

Berlin is playing the House of Blues in Anaheim tomorrow night (might still be some tickets left…) and so I wanted to throw you this one since it’s my favorite of theirs. I had no idea it was ever ‘properly’ released, complete with a ‘Big Hair, moody fellows, lots-of-blue-light’ video clip.

Look past that and dig this great, depressed, new wave tinged downer which, turns out, you might recall hearing on KROQ or MTV and not just in my car that time I picked you up and we drove around all night trying to decide whether or not to go to Vegas…

  1. Scotty says:

    SLUGGGSTERRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????!!!?!?!?!!!!!!!! Dude, I totally remember that time too! We did. Right there in Newport Beach after we saw Dennis Rodman buy a pizza. With a 6’er of Sierra Nevada, some magical cigerettes and josh’s cousins credit card we gambled til the early morn where that bum woke us up in my car parked in the lot of Primadonnas where we jetted back to the OC to get Josh to Golden Spoon’s so he could open the shop but then one of the yogurt machines went on the fritz and he slipped and fell ina floor soaked puddle of melted yogurt mix and I laughed til I cried…and then I got a cup of raspberry to sit and watch the pretty girls all line up out the door…ahhww…the college years… What’d up Sluggo! It was a long voyage out in space, so many stoney adventures you’d freak! Space Ghost Style… CHIPMUNKING!!! I know you’ll have some sickly 90’s closet case close ups for us K’roq’Rs next week. 80’s!!!!!!! You know how I feel about my new wave… I don’t know, friday night and then saturday with the punkrock picnic. I might have a heart attack on sunday… First things first! 420!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…Oh… HAPPY 420!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeaaa! To a groovy and exceptionally lifted day today Slooooog! I feel a Sublime “Smoke Two Joints” request coming on… opp…op! I see it… I hear it playing… “She was living in a single room with three other individuals…” Keep ’em lit BRA!!! With HaZeY EyEs… Cool! Now I can go spark one for the brand new day… IImII

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