In an interview with KROQ’s Kevin & Bean, Mike Shinoda unveiled details on Linkin Park’s upcoming album Living Things and world premiered the first single titled “Burn It Down,” streaming below.

The street date for the band’s fifth studio album is scheduled for June 26th.

After listening to the new single, Kevin asked what he has against Phoenix, the band’s bassist, because the bass line is played on a synth. To which Mike responded, “With a lot of things on this record, we just got more comfortable, more so than in the last few years, dipping back into some of the stuff that we used to do in the earlier days of our career.”

“I think there’s a lot of variety on the record. The songs on Living Things tend to be a bit shorter, kinda those firecracker, compact songs that people kind of imagine when they thing of the band.”

When asked who the single “Burn It Down” was about, Shinoda directed it back at the band saying “Kinda like what we do in pop culture, we build somebody up to be the next great thing then we like to destroy them at the end of the day. And, we’ve lived through that so I think there’s a lot of personal energy that went into the connection of that story.”

When asked about the band mates’ willingness to tour, Shinoda used the band’s acceptance of social media as an analogy, “Some of the guys in the band have no interest in doing stuff online, with Twitter, with Facebook… We’re the biggest band on Facebook, two or three of our guys never post.” He continued, “It’s not a good fit for them. Even when they do go on and post, it tends to be stuff that like.. a lot of the fans just go ‘I don’t have any idea what they’re talking about.’ It’s like why make that guy do it?”

Mike took the opportunity to break the news that the band would be touring with Incubus on the upcoming Honda Civic Tour, kicking off August 11th with tickets going on sale April 27th. “If  you pre-order our album on you get access to get your tickets early on April 25th.”

“We kept running into them [Incubus] on the road and and I started hanging out with Mike Einziger, and he’s just like the nicest guy ever… and it was so organic the way the concert came about.”

Comments (15)
  1. What's worse than Waldo? says:

    Why would I want to listen to this song on youtube? You guys have already played it three frickin’ times today. Seriously, you are on a path to setting a new record for the least amount of time to play a song out. Nice job.

    1. KROQ Fan says:

      So, apparently you’ve heard it 3 times on KROQ today already, as of 9:20, yet you chose to come online, to KROQ’s site, and complain about what media the song it is posted to? If you didn’t want to listen to the song, why’d you come to the site?

  2. The song seems just what the title inferes but between two people. So, is the song just a talk about two people meeting, one higher than the other, sharing a relation of creating and starting from new again? What Linkin Park has done can’t be destroyed but probably can figuritavely with there words in this song Enjoy the cycle of creating and destroying fellas!

  3. angelsrc79 says:

    KROQ Fan: He’s just a troll, ignore him. If he knew anything about anything, he’d know that it in today’s day and age, a product must be posted to a multitude of media to get the message across. For example, not everyone can listen to KROQ, so they go to the site to hear the song. On repeat, if THEY wish. Also, if he actually watched the link, he’d know it’s a special release from LP with thelyrics for thise who want THAT.

  4. Matt says:

    Weird, this DOES go back to their very early days, yet seems a logical step FORWARD from the last album. Love the synths!!!

  5. Ray says:

    Did anyone else start singing the lines from LP’s song, Shadow of the Day? These guys really need to come up with better stuff.

  6. Daft Punk rip off artists

  7. O says:

    O My GOD!!!! I cant stand this Band Or even this song. They Sound the same since there 1st album. Same old yelling crappy music. And to make things worse KROQ Burns this and many other crappy songs Into your head like every 20minutes.

  8. Clarence says:

    Not a bad song, but I agree that it is not anything original for them. Singing the same type of song you always do, but adding a synth this time, is not an original idea.

  9. steven says:

    if anyone played the orginal donky kong games the the beging made me think of it

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