In this lil’ space on the interwebs, we’ll tell you about what festivals are going on around the country (even the world) and how to make the most out of your festival experience!

Can you smell it? Music festival season is here with Coachella coming up this weekend, and we’re going to give you the 411 on surviving this summer’s hottest music festivals! The physically excruciating conditions one would endure at any music festival is a matter that should not be overlooked.

We’ll cover many ways for one to stay hydrated, cool, and comfortable. From low tech methods to high tech raging gear, we’ll cover it all!!! So pack up your tent, put on your dancin’ shoes, and vibe it out as we prepare for a summer of epicness!

One of the most essential items for any music festival outing is a properly stocked backpack. No matter how big or small, backpacks are the number one solution to make sure you have all that you need so you can rage in comfort. Here we’ll cover what items you should pack so you can rock out to the max!

Water – Good ol’ H20 is always a necessity when you are out and about in the sun. You can keep water in bottles, reusable containers, or camelbacks.

Sun Block – Use spray bottles for easy and quick sun blocking action.

Small First Aid Kit – Packing some band aids and a spray antiseptic in a ziploc bag are great for those drunken mishaps. Plus it saves you a trip to the first aid tent when it could be on the other side of the festival grounds.

Toilet Paper / Wet Wipes – For when those portos are out of much needed TP.

Towel – Can be used for almost anything from cleaning up mishaps to lying down on.

Warm Clothes – Its usually good to pack a light jacket once the sun goes down. Which means you won’t be part of the herd rushing to their campsites at dusk for warmer attire.

Hand Sanitizer – It’s always good to practice good hygiene at a festival for when you use the portos or handle food.

Flashlight – These come in handy for navigating around the campsites as well as around the festival at night.

Snacks – Packing some light snacks such as granola bars will give you that extra boost of energy or at least settle your stomach for when you have drank too much.

Camera – Have it at the ready to remember those moments for when you don’t remember much 😉

Festival Guide – Keep at least two of these so you have a back up incase you loose one. It’s also good to have those set times when you need them.

Other optional items:

Extra lighter, cigs, coozies (for the seasoned drinker), flask (for the secret drinker, if you can hide it well), blanket, and a raincoat/poncho (pending on the weather).

This list may seem like a lot of items to lug around all day, but if you pack effectively and efficiently, you will feel like a seasoned festie veteran ready to take on any “jam” that comes your way!


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