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Will Fetters, screenwriter for Clint Eastwood’s upcoming remake of A Star is Born admitted at a roundtable that deceased Nirvana frontman, Kurt Cobain, was his muse for the film.

Fetters told Collider that the Eastwood’s re-imagining of A Star is Born–which is rumored to star Beyoncé and Tom Cruise–will feature a speculative future version of Cobain.

Almost exactly eighteen years after the 1994 suicide of the late Nirvana frontman, Cobain’s legacy is still abuzz with news.

Recently, friend and ex-Hole guitarist Eric Erlandson released a book called Letters to Kurt and The Fix founder Maer Roshan has “unearthed” new artwork from Cobain in a Los Area storage facility while writing Courtney Comes Clean.

“I said, for me, the framework was if Kurt Cobain never got to go Unplugged and survived, and it was 20 years later, now; then he wanted to do that album, with that understanding that he was this grunge icon, that’d be tough to get done,” Fetters said.

“If he was past his prime and no longer someone,” Fetters continued, “how does he get that album? The whole movie for me is this balance between art and commerce, which is when you first start in this business, you are smacked in the face with it.”

Speaking of art and commerce, new Cobain artwork was uncovered at “high-end storage facility,” Art Pack, in Los Angeles. Allegedly, Cobain’s publishing company, EOM, paid Courtney Love’s unpaid storage fees and there will be an auction of Cobain memorabilia–including Cobain’s guitars.

EOM might stop the auction, but if it goes through $100 million dollars is the speculated total that will be raised.

Cobain’s paintings in the storage facility are apparently from around 1993 when Cobain was recording In Utero.

The Fix added:

“A painting of seahorses, fetuses, and sperm resembles a late collaboration Keith Haring did with William Burroughs, who collaborated with Cobain on A Priest They Called Him, a guitar/spoken word album. Cobain even tried to get Burroughs to play the crucified old man in ‘Heart Shaped Box,’ a video directed by Anton Corbijn, but designed by Cobain.”

“He had drawings for the whole video,” Corbijn told an interviewer. “I’ve never even seen a video director make that many detailed drawings for one video.”

In a recent interview about his book, Letters to Kurt, Erlandson gave his opinion on Cobain’s current legacy and the copy-cat caricatures still pervasive in media today.

“He’s almost like an archetype. The world has many disguises that we present ourselves under and I think that his was an important one that struck a nerve…But I think that anyone…that has something to say, that has emotion, that has great talent and genius; anyone who brings it all together and are able to reveal themselves in a fearless way-that’s going to touch a lot of people’s hearts,” speculated Erlandson.

“And so whenever that happens there’s always copy-cats. Probably from the caveman days.”


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