Fletcher Dragge, Byron McMackin, Randy Bradbury and Zoli Téglás wiped the sleep from their eyes, rolled out of bed and braved the Los Angeles morning rush hour in order to be in studio with Kevin & Bean at 7:35AM.  Although punk bands like Pennywise don’t often see the wee hours of the morning, the band arrived early, bright eyed and bushy tailed.

To kick off the interview, band world premiered the second single from All Or Nothing titled “Let Us Hear Your Voice” as heard here.

When asked about the state of Pennywise, Fletcher and Zoli jump at the chance to jab each other.”Everybody’s happy at this moment in time.” “We weren’t very happy in the studio. It’s like getting a root canal with Fletcher Dragge every day with no Novocaine and drinking cold water on top of it.” “Zoli’s just an outstanding human being… a real pleasure to be around.” “I’m the redheaded stepchild and Fletcher is an awesome step dad.”

When asked if Fletcher thought there would be an end to Pennywise he responded, “Never. I mean, we went through a lot of stuff earlier in our career, Jim was out of the band for a while. No one really knows about it, but we moved on. And then when Jason passed away, that would have been the main reason to quit the band but basically the whole thing about Pennywise was before we played one note, Jason and I sat down and thought what the band was going to be about, what we were going to do. It was about never giving up, never giving in, whatever obstacles get thrown in front of you in life, you just knock ’em down and keep going.”

“Basically, when Jim called to quit the band, it was like five minute later we were making calls to other singers, Zoli, unfortunately was one of those calls,” says Fletcher with a grin.

Immediately following the interview, the foursome made their way down the hallway and into the Red Bull Sound Space at KROQ. After being greeted with applause that seemed impossibly larger than 180 people could possibly produce, the band launched into an enthusiastic set featuring a few classics as well as the “All Or Nothing,” the title track from their forthcoming album.

Pre-order All Or Nothing here or deluxe edition here.

Comments (2)
  1. Travis Ferguson says:

    Pennywise…these dudes never cease to amaze me,I love Zoli as their frontman,Great new songs…I just hope they keep goin year after year because their music is a very influential and positive thing for me,and is a major thing of my youth.Cant wait for the new album to drop!PENNYWISE FOR LIFE!!!thanks.

  2. Not bad at all. Good to see they are up and alive.

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